TT Partition Series

The freedom to shape your workplace

The TT Workstation Series and TT Partition workspace architecture were designed to create a total workplace environment, from defining the use of space to providing workplace for each individual and way of working.

  • Integrates architecture, furnishings and technology elements to create a total workplace environment
  • Create diverse work settings within a given space
  • Supports the changing needs of fixed and mobile workers, and organizations
  • Supports a user-centered approach to workplace planning and design giving individuals control over their environment and smoothing transitions within the group
  • Enables the design of a variety of workplace to meet the diverse needs of different activities
  • Offers infinite planning possibilities, with the flexibility to reconfigure and grow with changing business needs

A Closer Look

TT Partition Series 1
TT Partition Series 2
TT Partition Series 3

Various Color Series

MFC Colors

Fabric Colors

Coating Colors

Customizable Solutions

It’s customizable to express individual and group identities and ways of working. It includes private and shared storage to blend work and life as you choose

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