XT Workstation Series

Simple, functional,
and very flexible

The XT Workstation modular workspace system makes it easy to shape of a palette of different workspace to support the wide-ranging demands of individual and team work. Simple solutions ranging from benches and desks to tables and panel set-ups all use the same menu of components and elements, to optimize personalization, productivity and the use of space.

It is perfect for fixed address, hoteling and hot-desk usage. It supports multitasking, multimedia, and the easy integration of technology. It balances individual ways of working with accessible storage to keep the workspace organized and tidy.

A Closer Look

XT Workstation Series 1
XT Workstation Series 2
XT Workstation Series 3
XT Workstation Series 4
XT Workstation Series 5
XT Workstation Series 6

Various Color Series

MFC Colors

Fabric Colors

Coating Colors

Customizable Solutions

It’s customizable to express individual and group identities and ways of working. It includes private and shared storage to blend work and life as you choose

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